5 Secrets You May Not Know about our Aulisa Monitoring Systems

5 Secrets You May Not Know about our Aulisa Monitoring Systems

Our Aulisa Guardian Angel®s are unique. Not only because we’re the only wireless vitals monitoring and alarm system with FDA Cleared technology available for use in the comfort of your home, but also because we provide with access to hidden gems, catering to your customized needs and preferences. Let us give you an inside scoop into everything you need to know to maximize your peace of mind:

Secret #1: You can customize the alarm limits

All our series allow for the vitals’ (heart rate and oxygen saturation level) lower and upper limits to be customized to appropriately match your loved one’s needs. Under normal circumstances, the alarms have preset default limits. The following table describes the default alarm presets*.



Factory Default

SpO2 Upper Alarm Limit




SpO2 Lower Alarm Limit




Pulse Rate Upper Alarm Limit


150 bpm


Pulse Rate Lower Alarm Limit

50 bpm


*Consult a physician about the appropriate vital sign limits for the user before adjusting an alarm. 


Secret #2. The display unit can be set to sleep

If you or your loved one are using any of the GA series 1000, 1001, 2000 and 2001, the display monitor can be set to sleep by tapping the Sleep Mode button on the top right corner of the main screen. To wake up the display unit, simply swipe to the right.

The sleep mode will not interfere with the monitoring activity of the sensor module. Aulisa users find this feature very helpful, especially during the night when the reflecting light of a device can be displeasing.

Secret #3 There are 2 sensor modules included in two of our series 

Moms, we know this makes your lives so much easier! Forgetting to charge the baby monitor is as annoying as waking up to a smartphone with 10% battery left. That’s why we decided that our Guardian Angel series must include two sensors in order to enable one to re-charge while the other is in use.


Secret #4 Aulisa Lite lets you view and export history data

Did you know you can use our newest feature for viewing and exporting your history data in our newly introduced Aulisa Lite devices? Manage your data by moving the slider to adjust data saved between 7 and 30 days and send the CSV file by email. Fun fact: Aulisa Lite allows you to see real-time vitals on your smart phone.

Secret #5 Access to our Aulisa app is completely free

The Aulisa View App doesn’t require a download fee or a subscription plan. It can be downloaded from the Apple and Google stores and the app lets you view the monitor on the same Wi-Fi or hotspot.

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