5 Ways In Which Aulisa Guardian Angel® Can Create Family Quality Time

5 Ways In Which Aulisa Guardian Angel® Can Create Family Quality Time

The essence of family is to be there for each other. Bonding over a Sunday lunch at grandma’s house, playing family games with grandpa, or getting everyone nostalgic while turning page after page from an old photo album, all these moments create a loving environment and strengthen the family bond.

While technology is often seen as creating a feeling of distance between family members, increasingly creeping into their interactions, at Aulisa Medical USA, we believe in the power of technology to bring people together in times of ease, and in challenging moments alike.

  1. Giving New Parents Peace of Mind

Hovering over a sleeping newborn is a parental rite of passage, nevertheless our vitals monitoring systems can accompany new parents on this journey, enabling them to keep real-time tabs on their babies’ health as they sleep through the night. Parents can see their baby’s heart rate and oxygen saturation levels on the GA1001 Lite and trust that the sensor module will continuously track their little one’s bedtime well-being so they can better follow that longstanding advice: sleep when the baby sleeps.

  1. Monitoring Your Munchkin while Taking Care of Work and Chores

 Most moms approach their time away from their babies with mixed feelings. On one hand they are happy to finally do something for themselves, but on the other hand, they are terrified about leaving the infant with someone else. When that day arrives, however, and the person they chose knocks on their door, new moms can rely on Aulisa Guardian Angel 2001 Lite to stay by their baby so they can regularly check in and remain assured about the care their baby is receiving. The GA 2001 series features a display monitor, as well as a camera that allows parents to hear, talk to and see their little one from anywhere (no distance restrictions) and at any time (night vision included).

  1. Helping Our Kids To Better Health

 Our systems grow along with the children and their life experiences. When kids get sick, have shots, dental work using sedation, or other treatments, it is important to keep the air around them positive, assuring them of their parents’ constant care and observation. Mom and dad can work remotely in an adjacent room, and they can continue to have access to their child’s vitals, making it a bit easier to shift focus on other pending tasks. 

  1. Connecting Family Generations to Each Other

Mastering new technology is often complicated as our seniors have no experience in using it. A study conducted by UC San Diego revealed that frustration with new technology is what makes older adults unsure of their ability to use it, leaving them unmotivated to even try. However, researchers acknowledged that seniors were very eager to learn if only younger people had the patience to teach them. Why not let grandchildren build up their nurturing skills and show their affection to their grandparents from a young age?

  1. Spending Precious Moments with Elderly Parents and Grandparents

Caring for an elderly family member can be hard, but even more difficult when that loved one is approaching their last days. New technology can help lessen uncertainty throughout worrisome times. By monitoring vital signs, it helps enhance the safety of a senior if a caregiver is not present and calms the mind of an adult child who may be concerned about their loved one.

Aulisa systems can help families stay connected, whether the parent lives at home or in an assisted living facility. Using the medical-grade wireless GA2000 series to monitor an elderly person can provide family members and other caregivers with some comfort, knowing that if a health situation were to occur, visible and audible alarms would alert them instantly.

  1. Supporting Recovery of Family Member From COVID-19

COVID-19 has shown us how our health and oxygen levels are interconnected. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by monitoring for signs and symptoms associated with the virus or chronic respiratory and heart diseases. Our newly launched Aulisa GA1000 Lite allows you to easily monitor real-time vitals visible on your smartphone, within the Aulisa Lite GA1000 App. In addition, our newest feature allows you to view and export history data up to 30 days.

Ensuring safety for your loved one is only a tap away! Let us help you create family quality time by finding those nourishing moments of human connection.

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