7 Smart Advantages of Using Aulisa’s Baby Monitor

7 Smart Advantages of Using Aulisa’s Baby Monitor

A search on amazon.com will present new parents with a multitude of baby monitors, making the task of selecting the right one quite difficult. We proudly stand behind the superior quality of our Guardian Angel®s on any day and at any time. In support of this promise, here are seven advantages of using Aulisa baby gear:

  1. Our Guardian Angel® monitoring systems let parents know their baby is okay by closely monitoring the heart rate, temperature, and oxygen levels. The non-invasive light-emitting diode transmittance technology that was once found only in hospitals has been upgraded and redesigned by Aulisa, and it’s now available for home-use to continuously track the baby’s vitals.
  1. Since smartphones can’t leave our watch (lucky us!), we incorporated our baby-safety technology into the Aulisa Lite App. Easy to use, free to download from the App and Google stores, and subscription-free, our app shows the real-time vitals of the baby and allows the caregiver to view and even export data history, if needed.
  1. Having peace of mind and getting more sleep is priceless for the average new parent who loses 109 minutes of sleep a night in the first year, according to recent research. Parents using our devices may rest better at night knowing that if the baby’s vitals were to change suddenly, an audible alert would wake them up instantly, and they would be able to attend to their little one.
  1. With a crystal-clear live stream (day and night), two-way audio capabilities, our camera (available with the GA2001 Lite series) is easily connected to the app on your phone. Additionally, it has no distance restrictions and can be viewed anywhere a Wi-Fi signal is available. Video, audio and vitals are recorded and saved for the three-minute period surrounding each health-related alarm for later health professional evaluation.
  1. Moreover, thanks to remote access, parents can check on their little one while they are at work or out on a date night. The GA2001 Lite Series  has no distance restrictions and allows the video to be streamed on a smartphone from any place where there is signal or WIFI.
  1. In case a health-related alarm sounds, the camera will capture a three-minute clip (30 seconds before & 150 seconds after) and store it to be reviewed later by parents and a medical professional (if required).
  1. Last, but certainly not least, our baby-tech’s quality and reliability are backed by the FDA. Aulisa’s Guardian Angel®s are the only FDA Cleared wireless baby monitoring and alarm system available for use in the comfort of a home.

In short, our Guardian Angel®s are market-leading devices that deliver on all these promises, helping parents relax easier at night while knowing that the baby is safe and well in the crib. Let us help you get your peace of mind!

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