Meet Aulisa GA1001 Lite: Peace of Mind & Sleep for Every Parent

Meet Aulisa GA1001 Lite: Peace of Mind & Sleep for Every Parent

When a newborn enters your life, sleep suddenly becomes a buzzword. From daytime to nighttime, at home, over the phone, online, at the pediatrician’s office, or on a stroll with another mommy, it’s a constant topic of conversation in the parenting world. This is because healthy sleep is so important for both your little one and you!

If a baby’s sleep is to be monitored, doctors say, it should be with FDA-Cleared devices whose makers have put them through a lengthy process to show how safe and effective they are. This is where we come into play. Our Guardian Angel® is the only infant monitoring system with FDA-Cleared technology available for home use. Our company’s focus is on growing the application of Digital Health, by applying data analytics and AI to provide exceptional monitoring systems.  

If you’re looking to use your smartphone to monitor your baby’s vitals, our FDA-Cleared technology is available with our newly launched Aulisa GA1001 Lite. This system includes a sensor module that comfortably fits the baby’s foot thumb and tracks their temperature, heart rate (PR), and oxygen level (SpO2) once per second during sleep. The real-time vitals are visible on your smartphone, within the Aulisa Lite App. The app requires no subscription fee and can be downloaded from the App and Google stores.

If the baby’s vitals change precipitously, an audible alert is sent to the smartphone instantly. The vitals’ limits can be customized to make alarms efficient and appropriate for each baby’s unique needs, however, we recommend parents change them only at a doctor’s advice. Under normal circumstances, the alarms have preset default limits.

Our system uses two basic types of alarms. One is High Priority, which sends audible notifications when vitals move outside of the preset limits, and the other one is Medium Priority, which signals system issues, such as low battery and disconnection. The High Priority alarms use a red template with repeating, continuous sound, while the Medium Priority alarms flash yellow and sound only once.

Our GA1001 Lite series requires proper connectivity through Bluetooth, therefore the wearable sensor module and the smartphone must be kept within 32.8 feet of each other. The sensor’s battery will comfortably last at least 22 hours, so if your baby sleeps in a bassinet next to your bed or a crib located within the recommended distance from your smartphone, our device will provide continuous accurate readings to take away that worry in the back of your mind and allow you to sleep easier.

For devices with no distance restrictions, we recommend checking out our cloud-based GA2001 Lie Series. It’s wireless, wearable with 2-way audio and video and recording capabilities of 3-minute clips (30 seconds before and 150 seconds after the alarm) are recorded and stored when a health-related alarm sounds. Please note that the sensor module and RT (camera) must be kept within 32 feet but the display monitor has no distance restriction for remote monitoring.

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