About Aulisa Medical

Aulisa® is a mission-driven company that was founded by a team of parents including CEO Augie Lien in 2012. Our mission is to empower parents to keep watch on their baby's health from day one. Aulisa’s Guardian Angel® aims to give parents real-time data and insights to bring peace of mind and help them embrace the joy of parenthood. Aulisa believes that every parent deserves the tools to succeed at their most important job, raising happy and healthy babies.

Here's the timeline of events: 

  • The company was originally based in Palo Alto, California, at the heart of Silicon Valley. In 2013, Taiwan Aulisa Medical Devices Technologies, Inc. was established in Taipei, Taiwan, which has become the headquarters of the enterprise, responsible for all the functional areas, including product R&D, finance, accounting, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, quality systems, human resources, marketing and sales, etc..

  • In September of 2018, Taiwan Aulisa incorporated Aulisa Medical USA, Inc. as its wholly-own subsidiary, responsible for marketing and sales of its products in the U.S..

  • Since then, Aulisa integrates medical device science and information communication technologies to provide smart medical solutions for the evolving patient care landscape. The company specializes in wireless, wearable, FDA cleared vitals monitoring systems with continuous, cloud-based, patient monitoring and alarm systems.

  • Through development of new products, Aulisa continues to focus on growing the application of Digital Health, applying big patient data analytics and AI to medical applications. Aulisa’s current line of wireless, wearable vitals monitoring systems provides continuous remote monitoring to avoid inconsistencies in spot-checking vitals and reduce the related staffing burden.

  • The result is early detection of health incidents for adults, pediatrics and infants to improve opportunities for intervention. Incident data recording provides medical professionals with information needed to better analyze and treat patient conditions.